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Exercise 79 - Opening Address of Dr Marcus Storch (2)

4 - In Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll said: "It takes all the running you can do just to keep in the same place." Our know-how – the base – is constantly growing, which implies that the requirements for passing on today's knowledge are growing all the time. Not increasing the resources of universities in a way that keeps up with the base implies that we cannot fulfil this fundamental task. The consequence will be a stagnant society.

5 - Today humanity is undoubtedly facing ever-increasing challenges, and cutting-edge research plays and will play an ever more important role globally. This implies being able to stimulate, refine and attract the researchers of today as well as the best students, and thereby the researchers of the future. But universities must also possess such breadth that studies can be pursued relatively freely between different disciplines...

6 - In their undergraduate education, many of our Laureates in scientific disciplines have also studied humanistic subjects. This cross-fertilisation has proved to be of great significance in achieving success. Meanwhile it presupposes a minimum size in order to be a successful university. The trend in many countries is to create a growing number of new universities and thereby spread our always limited resources, posing a risk that universities cannot perform their task.

7 - Many experts maintain that there are two kinds of research – good research and bad research. There is a lot of truth to this. Another approach is to speak of basic and applied research. Roughly speaking, basic research operates without pre-determined objectives, whereas applied research operates with pre-determined objectives. Both are important and are prerequisites for each other. Major advances for the benefit of humanity most often come through basic research, which is illustrated – not least – by the list of previous and current Laureates. Applied research makes use of these advances. One of the founders of the well-known Lasker Award, Ms Mary Lasker, said, "If you think research is expensive, try disease."... 

To be continued in PART 3

Source: Nobelprize.org 


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