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Exercise 80 - Opening Address of Dr Marcus Storch (3)
8 - Unfortunately, the trend today is that an ever-smaller share of our total resources is being allocated to basic research. Professor Gunnar Öquist, Permanent Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, recently wrote: "Maintaining today that research policy should be steered towards the needs of the commercial sector shows that those who advocate such a development have not at all understood the challenges that humanity faces. It also shows a lack of knowledge about the potential that is inherent in a scientific research system." Basic research is the single most important component that enables us to meet the challenges that humanity faces. Are we on the right path?

9 - The third task is to be the critical mirror of society. During the 20th century, and especially after the horrors of the Second World War, the need arose to affirm fundamental human rights at an international level. And exactly today, we can celebrate the 60th anniversary of the proclamation by the United Nations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948.

10 - Very few countries even today fulfil all 30 articles of the Declaration. Nevertheless, we can note that this document – whose main author René Cassin was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 40 years ago – establishes an important standard, which can be used in order to combat injustices and oppression. One central element of human rights is the freedom to gather and exchange knowledge.

11 - A disturbing trend is that more and more restrictions on free speech, and thus on opportunities to perform the scrutinising task, can be seen in a growing number of contexts around the world. There is a serious risk that developments will move in what, for all of us, is the wrong direction.

12 - I have pointed out the risks I see in our way of managing the major challenges that humanity faces. What is positive is that we ourselves will determine how we wish to act. Our choice of strategy will require both knowledge and audacity.
Source: Nobelprize.org 


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